We all have in a corner of our mind, the memory of comfortable pajamas when we were little. Soft pajamas that allowed us to spend peaceful nights. And then as we grew up, we abandoned the pajamas in favor of a too big tee-shirt, a worn out shirt or underwear not always sexy...

The choice of a good adult pajamas is however capital, especially in summer, it is the key to spend good nights despite the heat.

Why wear pajamas in summer?

For years, it has been advised to sleep naked to let the skin breathe and to limit the increase of the body heat. It had even been proven that sleeping naked could boost self-confidence.

Today, sleep specialists advise wearing pajamas regardless of the season. Indeed, in case of perspiration the humidity is absorbed by the fabric and does not stagnate on the skin, which limits the risks of catching cold in the middle of the night when the body temperature naturally drops.

Which materials to choose for pyjamas?

Choosing pajamas made of natural materials is obvious. The natural fibers allow a good air circulation and a better regulation of the temperature, they limit the excessive perspiration.

Opting for summer pajamas made of light and fluid material guarantees a pleasant contact on the skin. Organic cotton is the essential material for a better respect of the skin, guaranteed without chemical treatment, it is even suitable for reactive and allergic skin.

Associated with Lyocell from the TENCEL™ brand, it constitutes a fresh and comfortable fabric. Lyocell, derived from eucalyptus pulp, has thermoregulatory properties and offers a cool feel in summer and warmth in winter.

Long pajamas or pyjashort?

If the role of pajamas is to allow us to sleep comfortably, we should not neglect its appearance. Today, there is a real craze for cocooning and homewear collections have never been so popular!

Adult pajamas can also be worn as homewear, an outfit to put on when coming back from work or to switch from "telecommuting" to "relaxing" mode. Among all the cuts of pyjamas for man or pyjashort for woman, each one will be able to choose the one which is appropriate to him.

In all cases choose pajamas with ample shapes, which are easy to put on, pants or shorts that can be adjusted with a belt to be tied to adapt perfectly to each morphology.

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