Our lifestyle often forces us to relegate sports to the end of the day. Sport, especially intense sport, is more beneficial when practiced in the morning and can have harmful effects on sleep when practiced too late.

Why is it important to exercise in the morning?

Our body temperature fluctuates according to the time of day and is highest in the late afternoon, around 6:00 pm. Then, the temperature drops until we feel tired: our brain prepares our body for sleep.

A sporting activity practiced in the evening leads to a rise in body temperature, and therefore a disruption of the biological clock. It is therefore necessary to wait for the temperature to drop again to find optimal conditions for falling asleep. The later you play sports, the later you fall asleep.

The benefits of sport on sleep

Sporting activities can extend the duration of deep sleep, during which the cell growth hormones are in full activity. It is also this phase of sleep that allows a good relaxation of the muscles and that allows you to feel in great shape and perfectly rested in the morning when you wake up. Sport is therefore beneficial to sleep, provided that it is not practiced too late.

In order to benefit from all the advantages of sport, it is recommended to practice intense activities before 6 pm. On the other hand, there is no contraindication to practicing a soft activity such as yoga or Pilates, which are sports where breathing allows a beneficial relaxation to find sleep and spend good nights.

During and after sports, remember to hydrate yourself well, and complete this hydration with a soothing infusion before going to bed. To help you fall asleep after sport, don't hesitate to spray your pillow with a relaxing lavender-based pillow mist.