To sleep well it is important that the bedroom is a space dedicated to sleep, a tidy room, a minimalist decoration, and a maximum temperature of 18 ° are the basic rules to ensure a perfect sleep!

Create a space entirely dedicated to sleep

Depending on the size of your home, it is more or less easy to create an uncluttered space in your bedroom, especially when you have to integrate the baby's bed in your space or when the bedroom is also used as an office in case of telecommuting... But it is still important to respect some rules to ensure a good sleep.
Empty the room and create an uncluttered atmosphere, with no decorative knick-knacks, no mirrors and especially no clutter! Put your clothes away in a closet or a chest of drawers so that nothing clutters your space or your mind!
If you have to use your bedroom as a work space, make sure to put everything away at the end of the day to give the room back its main function: a room to sleep in.
Of course, remove the computer and the television...

Watch the temperature!

The ideal temperature for a good night's sleep is 18°, so it is not necessary to heat your room beyond that, as it could be harmful to the quality of your sleep. Equip yourself with a warm and comfortable comforter and a pretty bed linen made of natural material: peaceful nights guaranteed!
Do you know that a too high temperature in the bedroom is often the cause of migraines in the morning and a foggy feeling in the mind.
In the summer, sleep with the window open and the shutters closed if possible to prevent the temperature from rising too much during the night.