Children's sleep is a vast subject that concerns all parents. If some people are convinced that absolute silence is necessary to ensure their child an ideal sleep, others have found a surprising solution: broadcasting white noise to put baby to sleep!

What is white noise?

It is a constant and regular noise which, when played in the background, will have a hypnotic effect on some people, especially babies. Among the most common white noises are the sound of a vacuum cleaner, a fan, an air conditioner, but also much more natural sounds such as the sound of rain, a waterfall or waves. These noises would help children fall asleep.

If most household appliances emit white noise, don't worry, you won't have to turn on the dishwasher every night or make your baby sleep in the kitchen! In fact, there are many mobile applications that allow you to choose from a wide repertoire of these sounds and not always fall into the same routine.

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Is the use of white noise safe for children?

Yes, the important thing is that the volume is not too high so as not to damage their hearing. In addition, since 2005, many studies have been conducted to analyze its effect. One of these studies was published in July 2021 and analyzed the case of ten people living in the city that never sleeps: New York. Due to noise pollution, they had trouble sleeping, but thanks to white noise, they obtained "significant improvements in sleep".

Did you know that noise is the second most harmful environmental stressor in Europe?

Experts caution against becoming addicted to white noise, however, as children may find it difficult to do without it and not learn to fall asleep on their own. It is therefore possible to use them to put your baby to sleep, but not systematically, rather to cover an exceptional noise (work, barking dog).

What is the best white noise to put your children to sleep?

Although there is a wide variety, for a baby, the one that imitates the sounds he hears in the womb is ideal. You can also use :

- The soft sound of rain: because it is very similar to the one that baby hears inside the womb.

- Sound of the hair dryer: if they are irritable and in a bad mood.

- Soft sound of waves: if they are light sleepers.

Start with a sound between 60-65 dB. After a few minutes, you can lower the volume until your baby falls asleep.

Combine white noise and sleep routine to get baby to sleep

To ensure your baby falls asleep quickly you can combine the sound of white noise with a bedtime routine. At Kadolis, we like to take care of those pre-bedtime moments and the reason we give it so much importance is because its effects on sleep are more than proven. For example, you can start by giving your baby a little massage on the changing table to start relaxing and dress him in soft and comfortable Organic Cotton pajamas, which take care of his skin and maintain the ideal body temperature throughout the night.