For a long time, it was believed that for a child to be happy, it was necessary to give them love, a framework with strict rules, good food and good sleep. But today we realize that it is also essential to teach them to be optimistic!

In today’s world, we often let ourselves be won over by pessimism, listening to the media, nothing is going well and the situation is practically hopeless!

STOP! Let’s stop brooding, it is vital for our health and that of our children, let’s learn to be positive!

Many psychiatrists and psychoanalysts say that it is important to maintain the taste for life, hope and the desire to grow in children.

Here are some tips:

A child is naturally curious, we must encourage this curiosity and answer his questions to encourage him to project himself into the future. So stop saying "you’re annoying me with all your questions..." and start working on the answers!

You have to help your child overcome his failures, encourage him to start over so that he learns tenacity and the desire to succeed. "We get up and do it again! »

We give him a taste for effort and reward him when he succeeds at something: he worked hard during first grade and at the end of the year he can read! He spent several weekends learning to ride a bike, now he pedals by himself!

We give him a good self-esteem, avoiding saying "It’s your fault if it goes wrong", "you messed up as always", by dint of hearing this kind of reply a child can easily lose confidence in him and give up.

We encourage them to surround themselves with friends because human relationships help them to grow and give them a sense of security. Pessimistic people tend to isolate themselves, while optimists are always surrounded by friends. But are they surrounded by friends because they are optimistic or are they optimistic because they are surrounded by friends?

Be careful not to confuse optimism with naïveté, it is not a question of teaching children that everything is for the best in the best of worlds, but rather of instilling in them that nothing is impossible!