Travelling is an exciting experience for young and old alike. The anticipation, the excitement and the desire to spend an unforgettable vacation with the family are the most common emotions....

But, although we all have an immense desire to share an unforgettable moment with our family, there's one thing we mustn't forget when traveling with children: habits.

Habits give little ones stability and security at home, help control emotions and establish guidelines so that lack of control outside the home is much less of an issue.

Here's a simple, practical guide to maintaining your children's good habits over the vacations.


Vacations are a time of rest for all family members. Schedules are disrupted, meals delayed, bedtime a little later...

Nevertheless, when traveling with children, it's important to maintain guidelines that fit the new situation and, of course, benefit the children.

One of the most important rules is bedtime. It's perfectly normal for this time to be delayed during the vacations, because the next day the children will be able to rest for longer.

The important thing is that they get the hours of sleep they're supposed to for their age, so that their health doesn't suffer in any way.

Also, try to ensure that bedtime is always the same during the vacations. And make sure they don't oversleep, so as not to disrupt the rest of their activities.

On the other hand, once the children have rested, it's time for the adults to find their own space to relax, light a natural wax candle to intoxicate the atmosphere and prepare for their own hours of rest.

Maintaining healthy eating habits

Travelling with children is a wonderful experience if you get it right, enjoy every moment as a family and ensure the safety and peace of mind of all family members.

Another fundamental step in maintaining a vacation routine is to maintain healthy eating habits throughout the day. Of course, in summer, there are a few small excesses, such as eating ice cream or trying different types of food typical of the regions visited. But, as far as possible, it's advisable to continue introducing healthy foods that don't disrupt or interfere with the little ones' usual rhythm of life. And if you overdo it and a family member starts to feel sick to their stomach, always take some organic chamomile with you to make a nice herbal tea...

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Travel by car

Traveling by car is another interesting option for maintaining habits when traveling with children. Apart from the fact that you don't have to carry all the accessories your little ones need at home, it's a great way to make them feel safe.

In the car, you can take along their favorite blankets to cover them during the journey, or their favorite pillows to keep them comfortable and help them get a good night's sleep.

Travelling with children is fun for the whole family. Discovering new places, sharing unforgettable experiences and, what's more, it's the perfect time to strengthen family bonds.

We hope our tips will help you keep your children's rhythm during the vacations, and enjoy your family!