Most parents are confronted with it: baby’s famous night-time crying! Indeed, between naps and bottles, walks and games of awakening, the day goes well, then when the night falls, baby starts to cry, cries, tantrums that nothing and nobody can calm. This crying is a real anguish for parents, especially when it lasts several hours...

It is important to know that this crying is not a cause for concern, it is even quite normal. These fits are sometimes called "discharge tantrums", they allow babies to eliminate all the tension accumulated during the day. Throughout the day, a baby discovers new things, during his first year he will explore and learn so many things that his arousal system is so active that he can no longer "disconnect", which explains these tantrums at the end of the day.

To help baby to calm down, you need to create an environment around him that is as calm as possible.

Relax, this is the number one rule, because the more stressed you are, the more baby will cry!

Cuddle him, you can try to take him in your arms while caressing his head.

Give him a bath, followed by a full body massage, this little "tactile" moment does the child and the parents a lot of good.

Swaddle him, for some babies, the fact of being well wrapped up can reassure and soothe them, in this case the maxi nappiesare very useful, choose them in natural materials to ensure more softness on the skin of baby.

Carry him, other children need close contact with their parents to calm down, to meet this need while continuing your activities, choose the physiological baby carrier.

Give your child a cuddly toy, your child’s favourite soft toy will bring him a lot of comfort and will help him to calm down and fall asleep.