Most bedding items, mattresses, mattresses, box springs, but also duvets and pillows are chemically treated against dust mites, bacteria, fire,... The number of chemical substances that compose these treatments is impressive, they are counted by the hundreds to be able to impregnate the fabrics in depth and resist washing.

But if these insecticide treatments are effective in killing dust mites, bacteria and even sometimes bedbugs, do you think they have no impact on human health? do you think it is very healthy to spend all your nights in direct contact with these chemicals? similarly, synthetic mattresses are made from petrochemical products, would you imagine sleeping all your life, 8 hours a night, on oil derivatives?...

To ensure healthier nights and protect the environment, choose a natural mattress, duvet and pillow that are guaranteed to be free of chemical treatment, and some natural materials naturally repel dust mites, bacteria and prevent the growth of mould.

Natural latex has a cellular structure that prevents the installation of dust mites and naturally limits the proliferation of bacteria even in hot and humid environments, so a natural latex mattress does not require any additional chemical treatment.

Bamboo fibre also has anti-mite, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities, has developed this resistance in the tropical environments in which it grows and is naturally ventilated, thus ensuring good air circulation between the fibres.

Coconut fibre is also naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic, its aerated fibres allow a good air circulation and an excellent elimination of humidity for a always healthy sleeping without any chemical treatment. coconut is present in some mattresses in combination with latex.

TENCEL™ Lyocell is a natural fibre made from eucalyptus wood that has a high absorbency and ensures excellent moisture removal, so bacteria do not have time to form when in contact with TENCEL™, the proliferation of bacteria is about 2000 times lower than that observed on a synthetic fibre!

Take care of your sleep, your health and that of your children and choose sleep articles guaranteed without chemical treatment!