At the end of the day, exciting drinks are strongly discouraged, no tea or coffee after 4pm at the risk of not being able to fall asleep, or waking up in the middle of the night ! but if you enjoy the pleasure of enjoying a hot drink after dinner or during the evening, just before going to sleep discover the benefits of 100% natural organic infusions. some plants facilitate sleep by bringing you calm and serenity.

The fragrant verbena

Scented verbena is different from officinal verbena, which is an unscented plant that grows in Europe in the wild; it is an exotic plant, also called lemongrass; it is used in cooking to flavour poultry or fish, but also as a herbal tea since it has many digestive and anti-stress properties; it stimulates digestion and reduces sensations of pain and stomach heaviness, in some cases it can calm nausea.

Scented verbena is slightly sedative because its essential oil contains terpenoids that act on the central nervous system, is recommended for insomnia and anxiety, a cup of fragrant verbena infusion in the evening before bedtime facilitates sleep and ensures a more peaceful night, and is also recommended in cases of nervous fatigue, anxiety and mild depression as well as related gastrointestinal disorders.

The officinal lime tree of the baronies

This wild lime tree is harvested in the Baronnies Provençales, a region that has become the world capital of the officinal lime tree, where it finds ideal climatic conditions, maximum sunshine and ideal rainfall, and where it can be distinguished from lime trees in Central Europe, silvery lime trees in Turkey and lime trees in China.

Baronnies lime blossom is a superior quality lime blossom, contains more essential oil than other varieties of lime blossom, is renowned for its aroma and is known for its calming and spasmolytic properties, is recommended for all minor daily fatigue, is also recommended at bedtime for a sense of serenity and a calm night, is known for its effectiveness against nervousness and sleep disorders, and is also antioxidant thanks to the polyphenols it contains

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