Difficult mornings, night wakings, back pain, what if it was your mattress? If, like many people, you feel that you are not getting enough sleep, don't necessarily blame it on the children or the stress of work, but ask yourself if you should change your mattress... It may be too soft, or on the contrary too firm, or simply too old!

When to change your mattress?

It is recommended to change your mattress every 10 years, beyond that the bedding loses 30% of its support qualities. Irregularities on the surface of the mattress (those in the middle) are also a sign that it is time to change it. If you have been waking up with back pain for a few months, without any previous "accident", it is very likely that the bedding is at fault.

What material should I choose for my new mattress?

Natural materials are to be preferred in all cases, banish synthetic materials from petrochemicals and opt for natural materials with particularly interesting virtues.

Natural latex comes from the sap of the rubber tree, much less polluting than synthetic latex, which is made from petroleum transformed with polluting chemical treatments.

Natural latex allows us to create mattresses that are both dense and supple and offer ideal support for the spine, regardless of your morphology. It offers a better longevity than its synthetic latex cousin (12 years on average instead of 7). It is naturally anti-bacterial and anti-mite and therefore does not require any added chemical treatment. It allows a good air circulation and a good evacuation of moisture to ensure the sleeper an ideal temperature.

Please note that for a mattress to be labeled "natural latex mattress" it must contain at least 85% natural latex.

Coconut fiber is an ideal fiber to provide a firm base for a mattress and ensure perfect ventilation. The coconut fiber is naturally anti-mite and anti-bacterial, it allows to obtain a perfectly breathable mattress. Very firm, the coconut combines perfectly with latex to obtain an ideal mattress. Coconut and latex mattresses have a firm, ultra-breathable base and a soft, supple base that ensures perfect support.

Whatever the material you choose for your new mattress, make sure you choose a mattress with a removable cover so that you can wash the cover regularly, as machine washing is the best treatment against dust mites!