The coconut fibre is more and more used in the composition of certain mattresses, in particular the mattresses for baby for its breathing and anti allergic qualities. But where does this fibre come from?

Coconut fibre is the cellulose fibre, also called "Coir", which naturally surrounds the coconut and protects it during its growth phase. The coconut fibre is extracted manually from green or ripe nuts, after soaking the nuts in water to soften them, they are then washed and dried in the sun.

This harvest allows to participate in the economic development of the cultivating countries, mainly India and Sri Lanka. Its world production is about 500 000 tons per year.

Coir fibre is particularly resistant and less flexible than other natural materials such as cotton, it is mainly used to make upholstery for furniture and mattresses. It has the advantage of being renewable, natural and biodegradable.

The coconut fibre is very interesting in the composition of mattresses. It increases the firmness and longevity of the mattress while ensuring perfect ventilation. Indeed, the coconut does not retain moisture, so it prevents any risk of mold in the bedding.

Coir mattresses are the most breathable on the market. This fibre ensures a firm support, associated with latex it makes it possible to obtain a mattress of semi-firm density, recommended for the babies by the pediatricians. It offers an excellent air circulation which ensures an anti-allergic and anti-mite side, which avoids having to use a chemical treatment.