Choosing the ideal duvet is sometimes difficult among the wide choice offered by the market. At Kadolis we offer duvets for all ages that will improve the quality of your sleep. Duvets that allow a good temperature regulation for a sleeping neither too hot nor too cold.

To make the right choice it is important to choose your duvet according to its weight, its filling and the properties of the materials that compose it.

The weight of the duvet

It corresponds to the weight of the fibres that make up the duvet per m2.

The lightweight or summer duvets have a weight between 150g and 250g.

If your home is well heated (above 22°) it is the right duvet for you! Winter duvets have a weight between 250g and 350g, ideal for rooms heated to 18°. For a weight greater than 350g it is a warm duvet, for sleepers (or sleepers) particularly cold!

The ideal filling for a duvet

There are two types of filling: natural or synthetic.

The natural filling is made of duck down, which provides warmth and lightness but is more difficult to maintain because it cannot be machine washed.

The synthetic lining is made of polyester fibre, in this case opt for a Dacron ECO Hollofil Polyester fibre lining with the Ecolabel. These duvets are better value for money, machine washable and naturally antibacterial and anti-mite.

The different materials and properties

In any case, use natural fibre duvets to avoid sleeping surrounded by petrochemical or chemical products. Natural materials ensure a healthier, safer and more environmentally friendly sleep.

Choose a duvet according to its age

For children over 1 year old

We remind you that for babies under 1 year old it is not recommended to use a duvet or blanket, prefer the sleeping bag for a safe sleep.

Children sweat a lot during their sleep, who has never found her child with wet hair in the early morning or after a nap?.... It is therefore essential to choose a duvet that allows you to regulate the temperature, but in a natural way. Kadolis has designed duvets with a Dacron® Hollofil® Eco siliconised hollow polyester fibre filling, an ecological fibre benefiting from the Ecolabel with a Tencel® cover, a natural fibre allowing excellent temperature regulation. The Active Clim duvet is therefore the ideal duvet for children who sweat at night. It is available in summer version with 250g/m2 filling and in 4-season version with 350g/m2 filling.

For feather lovers, discover the authenticity of the duck down duvet, a lightweight duvet with a 150g/m2 filling and an ultra soft cover in Percale cotton.

For adults

Choose your duvet mainly according to the degree of warmth you like, the adult 4-season duvet is a duvet with an air-conditioning Tencel® cover that offers excellent temperature regulation and good moisture evacuation. In addition, Tencel® is naturally antibacterial and anti-mite.

For couples who disagree on the sleeping temperature Kadolis provides an innovative solution: the dual-density duvet You and Me, which consists of one side with a 150g/m2 filling for people who do not like to be too hot when they sleep and one side with a 350g/m2 filling for people who are cold. A simple and practical solution to sleep two under one duvet even if you don't have the same needs.