The essentials for choosing a good mattress

- Choose a mattress that does not receive chemical treatments such as pesticides or insecticides -
Choose a mattress whose raw materials and manufacturing are certified without toxic fumes and volatile materials The most well-known and reliable certification is the Oeko-Tex certification To choose the best comfort of

a mattress, there are 3 categories of mattress: soft - firm - progressive

Soft mattresses

The positive point: Suitable for small and very light people, a light person will only "use" the first few centimetres of a normal mattress, while a very soft mattress will provide ideal comfort.

The negative point: A soft mattress will put a heavy strain on a normal weight person's spine, making it difficult to turn around, the sleeper often wakes up with aches and pains.

Firm mattresses

The positive point: Suitable for people of 100kg or more, it will suit you if you are a Rugby Pillar, or simply strong, these mattresses are made for you.

The negative point: The problem is that a mattress classified as Firm will be quite tiring for a person of normal build, as it will cause pressure points, especially on the shoulders and pelvis, which create a feeling of fatigue, and sometimes back pain.

Progressive mattresses

These mattresses offer an initial feeling of soft comfort, but become firm as you sink in.

The positive point: Suitable for medium weights, offers an ideal level of comfort and preserves the sleeper's back, does not create excessively localized pressure points and adapts to the sleeper's morphology.

The negative point: May seem a little firm to very light people, or a little soft for people weighing 100kg or more.

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Choice of mattress covers

A good mattress cover (ticking) is equipped with a naturally anti-mite and anti-bacterial fabric, which is soft, breathable and anti-humidity, giving you a feeling of freshness in summer and warmth in winter, while the Tencel® fabric cover (made from eucalyptus) gives you all these qualities while you sleep.

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