Our bedside table often looks like a pocket, we pile up a lot of things that only pollute our mind before sleeping and when we wake up, so let’s clean it up and keep only the essential!

If you make an inventory of your night table, you will quickly realize the impressive number of things that pile up on such a small piece of furniture: box of tissues, tube of cream, lip stick, medicine, jewelry, watch and often several books.

In addition to polluting our vision and our mind, the mess is a real nest of dust, not good when you are allergic or simply when you want to sleep in a healthy atmosphere ...

Tidy up your bedside table by asking yourself what you really need every night and morning

You don’t need a cell phone to sleep

Forget it at least one hour before going to sleep and stop this annoying habit of reading your emails or surfing on social networks just before going to sleep. The blue light it emits slows down the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone) and thus delays falling asleep.

If you want to be available in case of an emergency, keep your phone out of the room but in a way that you can hear it if it rings. Never charge your phone on your bedside table.

Only one book on the nightstand

People usually read one book at a time, so there’s no need to keep several books by your bed. Books you’ve already read will fit in a bookcase and books you plan to read in the next 6 months will be fine there too! Keep only the book you are currently reading, so you avoid the guilt of not having time to read more.

An alarm clock with a discreet display for better sleep

Give up on alarm clocks that emit too much light, those that remind you what time it is in the middle of the night or worse, those that project the time on the bedroom ceiling. You don’t need to know what time it is during the night, the alarm clock only serves to wake you up in the morning. The light it emits, however weak, has a negative influence on the quality of your sleep.

To sleep well, no mess on the bedside table!

Try to find a place for all the little things that clutter your nightstand. Your tubes of cream will be better stored in the bathroom, the children’s photos in an album and the banker’s business card in your wallet!

Store your jewelry in a small box instead of leaving it scattered around, you’ll find it easier in the morning! You can keep your pillow mist, which you spray 15 minutes before going to sleep to create a soothing atmosphere.

Buy yourself a nice notebook and pencil to jot down anything that comes to mind at night before bed. If you have an idea for a meal for your next dinner party, if you’re afraid you’ll forget to do something at work, if you don’t want to forget to buy something or pay a bill... Write it down in this little notebook, so you’ll have more peace of mind.

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