The mattress is an essential part of the baby sleeping. Your baby spends almost 18 hours a day on his mattress during his first few months. It is considered that a baby spends as many hours on his mattress in 2 years as an adult passes in 5 to 6 years on his mattress.

To choose the mattress of your baby one should prefer a mattress offering a maximum security to your Baby, then one must choose a baby mattress comfortable, which helps the good development of Baby and offers him calm nights, with the least number of night awakenings .

Choosing a Safe Mattress for Your Baby:

Choose a baby mattress according to decree 2000-164 of February 23, 2000. This is the case for all baby mattresses on Kadolis.

Choose a baby mattress that fits perfectly to the dimensions of the bed.

Prefer a new mattress for each Baby. Only natural latex or Visco-elastic flat head mattress can be used for 2 Babies.

Choose a suitable thickness mattress: between 10.5 and 12.5 cms thick. A thicker mattress provides no additional comfort.

Select a density mattress suitable for Babies:

Choose a density between 20 and 22kg / m3. Below 20 kg, foam mattresses are too soft, above, they are too firm.

For mattresses Latex the firmness obtained corresponds to a density of 21 kg

For Coco-Latex mattresses the firmness obtained corresponds to a density of 22 kg

Prefer a removable cover mattress to fight the mites. A machine wash after 6 months is more effective than an anti-mite chemical treatment. We recommend avoiding any chemical treatment on baby mattresses.
Choosing a Comfortable Mattress for Your Baby:

Choose if possible a fabric that breathes well for the ticking of the mattress (the ticking = the cover that covers the mattress). The fabrics that naturally regulate the Tencel-type temperature offer superior comfort to Baby.

Your baby sweats less and wakes up less often.

It is imperative to select a breathable underbody (also known as a micro vent) to protect the baby mattress. Avoid PVC drapes that block air circulation and cause sweating and discomfort for your baby.

The different types of mattresses Baby

The foam mattresses offer good value for money. They must have a density around 21kg / M3

The mattress with heart in Latex offers a compromise comfort / maintenance good for Baby thanks to the natural elasticity of the Latex. These mattresses are rather medium-flexible.

Coco + Latex mattresses are the most "breathable" on the market. They offer a firm base but a flexible reception area, They are rather medium-firm. This is the type of mattress recommended by pediatricians,