How to choose the right sleeping bag for baby
​We call baby sleeping bag, "turbulette", or "sleep well" the mini sleeping bag with straps or sleeves.

The baby sleeping bag ensures your baby a safe sleep and allows him to move during his night without discovering himself.

Before 6 months, avoid any pillows, blankets, sheets and duvets.
Baby must just sleep in a sleeping bag, which will allow him to breathe well during his sleep, without risk of being trapped under a blanket or pillow.

The baby sleeping bag also improves your child's sleep by preventing them from being covered by the sheet after a restless dream.
Be sure to choose a sleeping bag suitable for your baby's size.

For a baby from 0 to 6 months, choose a sleeping bag 70 cms
For a baby from 6 to 12 months, choose a sleeping bag of at least 90 cms. Ideally the longer models (adjustable or not) such as 105 cms that are usable from 6 to 20 months.
For premature babies, choose a 60 cm turbulette.
Adapt the sleeping bag to the temperature of your baby's room.

The baby's room temperature should ideally be between 18 ° C and 19 ° C. Check often that your baby is not too warm (by putting his hand on his stomach for example). If baby seems to be too hot, find out and give him something to drink.

To choose a sleeping bag adapted in terms of heat, you can follow the TOG index.
The higher the TOG index, the warmer the baby sleeping bag.

In a room at 18/19 °, with a body and a pajamas not too thick, prefer the index TOG 2. The index TOG 0,5 is only for summer sleeping bags.

- last tips:

-> Choose a machine washable baby sleeping bag.
->  (Avoid the dryer that damages the wadding)
-> Make sure there is no tape or long cord, which can be dangerous, and check the strength of the pressure.
-> Before using the sleeping bag for the first time, put a hand in it to check for any parts that could sting, hurt or be swallowed by your baby