The mattress protector is essential to protect the baby's mattress from leaks or overflowing from night diapers or any regurgitation.

There are two types of baby mattress protectors:

- Mattress protectors in the form of a fitted sheet with elasticated corners :
easy to install, these protectors ensure a good hold and without folds.
- Mattress protectors in the form of a waterproof tray,  fixed on the corners of the mattress by elastics passed under the mattress.

When choosing a mattress protector: You have to choose a "breathable" or "micro ventilated" mattress protector.
The impermeable material must be Polyurethane (PU) which lets the air circulate but stops the liquids. Avoid PVC materials (which do not let the air through and are uncomfortable for your baby)

Finally avoid the protectors that receive a chemical treatment to make them anti-mite or anti-bacterial.